A 250-kilogram bomb from World War II detonated in the UK

In the city of Great Yarmouth in the east of Great Britain, a bomb from the Second World War detonated during neutralization.

The sound of the explosion and the trembling of buildings were felt by local residents within a radius of about 24 kilometers. There was no information about military or civilian casualties.

The bomb was discovered in the middle of this week, when the contractor was working on the repair of gas pipes. The local police set up cordons, the bomb was surrounded by boxes of sand, and army specialists had to clear a 250-kilogram shell. Residents of neighboring houses were evacuated beforehand. However, the device exploded shortly after work began on its neutralization.

– The events that took place this afternoon show why it was so important to take all necessary measures to minimize any risk to the population. Currently, agencies have assessed the damage caused by the explosion: several car windows were broken, the upper part of the scaffolding on the bridge and the flood protection dam were damaged, the county police said in a statement.

After the detonation, local residents were allowed to return home. The moment of the explosion was filmed from a drone.