A device that determines how many people will live

A wonderful invention revealed to people around the world new opportunities: British scientists have developed a device that determines the time how much it remains to live. Outwardly this device is unusually similar to watch. He was called symbolically – “Death indicator”. Its main function is to determine the speed of aging of the body.

A unique device was created by specialists from the University of Lancaster. The principle of its action is quite simple: a laser is built into it. With the help of completely painless radiation, he analyzes the state of endothelial cells in capillaries, after which he calculates the speed of aging. As a result, the screen shows numbers from 0 to 100. The first meaning means that a person is dead, and the second is that health is 100% in order.

Some publications say that the “Death indicator” device can diagnose complex physical or psychological diseases such as cancer or dementia. Physics Peter McCcklint and Aneta Stefanovsky, the developers of the device said that from the collected test results in the future will be entered into a single database.

Stefanovsk noted that thanks to this database, it will be possible to cheat in order to accurately determine the human body. It turns out that it will actually be able to say how much a person is left to live. It is planned that after three years, doctors around the world will be able to introduce into practice the use of this device.

These are not the only developments of British scientists associated with determining the life expectancy. Previously, they developed a test with which it is possible to determine, not only how much a person remains to live, but also a predisposition to chronic diseases only on the basis of a blood test.

The developers of this technique focus on the fact that this is a very promising direction for research, since it allows you to effectively choose the methodology of the prevention of diseases in order to react to them in time and prevent their development in order to extend life.