A new wave of protests is noted in the Middle East

It’s all about showing a film called “Innocent Muslims”, in which the Prophet Muhamed was presented from the negative side. The situation continues not only in the Middle East, but in the countries of North Africa. So, the manifestants in Tunisia were able to break through and get into the territory of the US Embassy, ​​where they made a pogrom.

It was recorded that the protesters climbed over the fence, then knocked out the windows in the building of the American diplomatic mission. The television channels also received personnel, which shows that in the area the puffs of smoke rise in the sky, but to establish what exactly was burning and could not. There is data according to which it became known that the manifestants set fire to the trees. Growing around the embassy. To prevent assault, I had to call reinforced police outfits. To restore order, they used tear gas and rubber bullets. As it turned out, as a result, more than 5 people were injured, for whom they bought flights to Barcelona, ​​and then sent there to recover.

Mass demonstrations were held not only in Tunisia, but also in Pakistan. More than a hundred believers gathered in the center of Islamabad. They also tried to break through to the American embassy. To do this, they entered into a fight with the police, but law enforcement officers worked promptly and pushed the demonstrators away from the diplomatic mission building. In addition to the capital, similar shares were held in cities such as Karachi, Lahor and Peshavar. The main slogan of all the protests held was as follows: “The death of the United States!””

Performances do not stop in Sudan, there were no victims. Clashes with the police deplorable ended for one of the manifestants who died.