A real German baker!

Nadezhda Brobotova, a resident of Crimea, married a German Uwe Richter 6 years ago.

In Germany, the surname Richter is as famous as ours, for example, Ivanov or Petrov. Translated means “judge”. But just the same is not a judge, the owner of a bakery and bakery, and in general the baker is already in the fifth generation. About 145 years ago, Uve’s relatives bought themselves a room that belonged to the Count of Castle, and their bakery business began precisely under its beautiful arches, in its wonderful walls.- Tell me hope that you did in Crimean until that time, while the bakery Richter has become a co -owner?- I was an ordinary teacher at secondary school No. 25 g. Crimea. Live with her parents and son in a military town, since dad was a military. Born in Krymsk, but at the age of three, my father was transferred to Chukotka, and we moved, spent 17 years there, and in 1994 we returned to Krymsk. It was a terrible time – the salaries are minimal, the inflation is crazy, etc. D.- At that time, almost everyone wanted to leave the country?- Yes … they naively assumed that abroad they would get everything easy. But I got into such a situation. Before deciding on the final move, I recognized my future spouse well, we corresponded for almost two years. Uwe wrote me romantic SMS, came to visit, and I sometimes visited him. Having decided on this, I realized that I could not see fairy tales. Although judging the beauty of the city, the good people living in it, then it’s all fine! Lauenstin town is very attractive. It is not big, somewhere around 600 living, very clean and cozy. I, as a foreigner, met very warmly, took care and supported me as their.- How does it feel about Russia? Does he like it?- He is delighted with our hospitality, but does not understand why the poor and the rich are separated. Just in Germany good conditions for everyone.- Nadia, and before you in the family there was one of the Russians?- Uve claims that there was no. He respects his pedigree and knows everything about her, he loves his ancestors and worships their traditions. Everything is in the family of Richter – Germans, except grandmother – she is a gypsy.