A suspect in the murder of Russian border guards was detained in Armenia

Referring to the military-investigation department of the SCP of Russia, whose employees, together with the Armenian law enforcement agencies, conducted an investigation, the ITAR-TASS news agency reports that a person who is suspected of killing two Russian border guards has been arrested in Armenia.

The incident occurred at the end of last month. Law enforcement agencies do not disclose information regarding the personality of the arrested. Everything that is known at this time is that the suspect is a citizen of Armenia.

So it was previously reported that on the night of October twenty -third, the citizens of the Russian Federation Armen Zakharyan and Arthur Yenokyan were found killed. According to initial information in the media, they were called military personnel located in Armenia of the Russian military base. A little later, the Armenian police specified that the dead were border guards who were serving on one of the objects of the FSB of Russia, which is located in the suburbs of Yerevan.

As already reported, the bodies of the border guards were found on the territory of this object. So the result of a criminal examination showed that the cause of the death of one Russian was a gunshot wound, the other was several stab wounds.

According to the published information of the Armenian newspaper Zhamanak, which is translated into Russian as “time”, jealousy served as the motive of the crime. So the publication believes that one of the killed border guards was in intimate relationships with one married woman, whose husband in order to revenge and committed murders. Officially, at this time, the motive of the crime has not yet been established.