Americans equally appreciated the work of Bush and Obama as president

Residents of the United States of America no longer believe that the current American president – Barack Obama is better coping with his duties than the preceding him in this post by George Bush Jr. This is confirmed by the results of CNN, or rather, its Opinion Research Corporation department, which was oriented in public opinion.

So the American respondents were asked who, in their opinion, the best president – former Bush or the present Obama? As a result, it turned out that 47% of the participants in this survey believes that today’s US president is better coping with his duties than his predecessor. As for Bush Jr., 45% of respondents preferred him.

CNN notes that last year, during the wire of a similar survey, the overwhelming number of Americans preferred Barack Obama. Then the current president scored 23% more votes than George Bush.

At the same time, the Americans are still sure that the US president who took place in the year before last year made the right choice. This statement was made by King Holland – the head of the public opinion research service “CNN”. Only 42% of respondents believe that the loser in the election John McCain, nominated by the Republicans, would become the best president than Barack Obama. As for the latter, answering this question, 50% of respondents cast their votes for it.

In conclusion, we note that the survey was conducted within two days – from October 5 to 7. The method used telephone interviewing, in which 1008 respondents participated.