And what do you have against hijabs?

Juracul Saidov, handyman:- And what do you have against hijabs? What, you like girls in short T -shirts and tight pants? When they, leaning over, leave the minibuses, even visible from the back of what underwear they wear. I, as a man, do not know where to put my eyes, but they don’t care. Or look in the summer that they wear. T -shirts are short, navels are visible. Not everyone has beautiful stomachs, in fat folds. And they represent this ugly body to everyone to see. Once they decided to look modern, they would take up their figure. Sometimes I want to spit when you see short tight trousers on full, ugly women. They do not understand something, what is disgusting to look at them. And hijabs or national clothing hides such shortcomings. I am against modern clothes. Zalina Kadyrov, a 6th year student of Tjik Technical University:- I think that everyone should wear what he wants. If no one forces the girls to wear hijabs and she likes it herself, let her wear. No one has the right to condemn them for this.

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Sanora Kirsanova, student of the 9th grade secondary school. No. 83 g. Nureka:- The girl should not be constrained by some conventions. It should be free, but at the same time not vulgar. Wearing a short skirt in our conditions is not always acceptable. Others may misunderstand such girls. Now there is such a large selection of clothes that, it seems to me, even wearing hijab is difficult to resist the temptation to try on some of the things on itself. Lola Kirsanova, student of the University of Tajik-Slavic-in my opinion, now everyone wants to dress beautifully. But it must be taken into account that we have a different people. When choosing clothes to avoid too frank outfits. At the same time, I have repeatedly seen girls who, trying to pass themselves away for modest, wear hijabs. But this does not bother them to drink, smoke, walk. Some of the girls wear such clothes for fashion, but not from internal convictions. They do not think that with their behavior they throw a shadow on decent girls.