Artificial Islands-Nevboskrebs will “win” global warming

Architect Alexander Krasinski wondered: where to live people when all the ice is melted in polar regions? Global warming still excites the minds, some people are trying to find solutions in case of flooding of vast coastal lands. Although materials have long appeared that the so -called “global warming” is the greatest scam in the history of mankind. The influence of man on the climate of the Earth is negligible and it is time to switch to the invasion of aliens 🙂

Be that as it may, the project proposed by the architect may be in demand. In states such as the Japan and the Netherlands, the construction of skyscrapers-buildings will solve many issues related to the overpopulation of the coastal zone. This tower would become ideal for the United Arab Emirates, known for their ambitious architectural projects.

The idea is to create an artificial island with adequate infrastructure to maintain human life. The skyscraper in height and diameter has a size of 1000 meters. The building will be able to fit 52096 people in their 48 floors. The average height of residential floors is about 6 meters. The building will have its own seaport and airport with the possibility of landing helicopters. The airport is designed at an altitude of 100 meters and is designed to accept only spinning equipment and airships.

The island-Noboskreb will act as an independent state with its own set of laws and will have its own government (something like a Domokom with the president). The tower will become a “home” of government and administrative centers. The internal atrium acts as a nucleus, a center where most commercial and recreational zones will be located.

According to the architect, the concept of the building is a response to an increase in the level of the ocean, as well as a shortage of free space for development and high land taxes. That is why his brainchild will function as an independent state with a different set of rules for residents (people?).