Bill Keller wished the builders of the Muslim center in New York “Burn in hell”

Bill Keller, a famous religious figure from Florida, began a large -scale campaign directed against the construction of a mosque near the place of attack 9/11. So the New York Daily News reports that on September 6, Keller served at the hotel next to the future development site. During the service, he urged parishioners to stop and punish all supporters of the Muslim center located near Ground Zero.

The site for performances to the evangelist Bill Keller was the Marriott Hotel, located in the center of New York. During his first service, conducted by him on September 5 (Sunday), Keller harshly criticized people initiating the construction of a new mosque and, in conclusion of his speech, wished them all to “burn in hell”.

So he emphasized that Islam never belonged to peaceful religions. Therefore, it is impossible to give a hand to people whose Muslim brothers are guilty of the death of thousands of Americans who died as a result of a clash of planes and twin towers.

On the preaching in New York, the Evangelist preacher also stated that he began to raise funds for the construction of a new “Christian center”, designed to become a response to the construction of the mosque planned next to the “Ground Zero”. The newspaper employees note that in New York, about 40 people came to this sermon of Bill Keller.

Note that in America, Bill Keller is known for his intolerable attitude towards all the followers of Islam, quite often leading too tough comments on Muslims, which is why he was repeatedly subjected to rather hard criticism. Keller acquired the special stiffness of the statement after the public learned about the intention of Muslims to build a cultural center and a mosque next to the place where the twin towers previously stood.

Note that according to the project, the Muslim mosque and the cultural center should appear in two quarters from the previously stood twin towers. This project served as a split in the American public. So one side is categorically against the desecration of the memory of the dead with a terrorist attack 9/11. The other side claims that there are no legal barriers for the construction of a mosque on Manhattan.

Last month, Barack Obama neutrally reacted to the project of the mosque, which was why he was criticized by American society, which has conservative views.