Cooperation of the RPS with Thailand

President of the RZS – Russian grain union, and. Zlochevsky as well as the director of development m. Krheheli took part in the work of the S/X of the Russian-Thai Commission. The task of the subcommission was the need to create a reliable platform in order to establish partnerships with the kingdom of Thailand. Relations should help strengthen business communication and cooperation. In this case, it was necessary to achieve an understanding of the prospects necessary for creating a joint relevant and demanded business in the agricultural industry.

Participants who were exhibited from Russia received a good opportunity to search for possible partners for the implementation of investment projects jointly and for attracting both existing and innovative technologies, as well as knowledge for their implementation in various areas of Russian agriculture.

Expressing the sustainable position of the Russian grain union (RZS), Arkady Zlochevsky focused on the fact that the approved customs duties on a whole list of nomenclature positions of the agro -voltage market will decrease when Russia enters the World Trade Organization. In this case, the reduction of import duties will affect precisely the actively growing part of agricultural goods, the production of which is carried out in Russia, this should inevitably lead to an increase in the offers of imported products as well as the possible need for measures in order to ensure equal competitive conditions for All.

It is also important to recall that the kingdom of Thailand is currently a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) since 1995 and one of the largest, today manufacturers and exporters of rice in the Russian Federation.

To date, according to the existing reliable information, the practice that exists today, production and parallel to the export of rice in Thailand, implies the active participation of the state itself, as well as the so -called artificial increase in competitiveness throughout the foreign market.