Crying Wall – a special place on Earth

Perhaps there is no more peaceful and at the same time on the planet, which stores the memory of many military captures of the place than the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The endless streams of people flock to it around the clock, and each person approaches the holy stones of the remnants of the Great Temple in the hope of a personal meeting with the Almighty. They come here, come, fly from different parts of the globe those who are looking for help from the one who can commit a miracle can answer the most secret desires of the soul, the most difficult questions and give help when the whole world is powerless. In this place there are followers of various religions, because they all honor the One God.

What attracts people of different religions here?

The only desire of those who book tours of Israel is a visit to the wall of crying, because it is here that you can pray, feel the unforgettable presence of the Almighty, who swore that his strength would remain over this place forever. These words for each pilgrim are the firm foundation of the hope of being heard and get an answer to prayer. In their faith and humility, many leave in the crevices between the stones notes with a prayer for help in resolving life problems. Everyone who has come to this place once feels incredible proximity with the Almighty, and therefore returns here again and again in the hope of surviving the touch of God to his soul. Excursions in Israel offered by many tourist companies make it possible to visit a holy place, bring their prayer and be alone with the Almighty.

Legends and stories of the Wailing Wall

The stones of the western wall surrounded by the slope of the Temple Mount Jerusalem – dumb witnesses of the long -suffering history of the Israeli people for two millennia surviving. The first seven rows and hidden underground, another 17 belonging to the original building, and each of the stones is unique. The history of this holy place, in fact, is multifaceted and filled with periods of restoration and oblivion. And the number of legends and various traditions associated with the wall of crying, in fact, cannot be counted. Moreover, many of them are closely intertwined with famous personalities, rulers whose names are recorded in the annals of Israel. You can believe or not believe the traditions, but the fact remains – this place forever changes the life and thinking of a person, because it makes it possible to be in the presence of the Almighty.