Daughter Yuri Gagarina sued the shopping center

The daughter of Yuri Gagarin, sued the owners of the Gagarinsky shopping center for the illegal use of her father. Elena Yuryevna demands to rename the center.

Elena Yuryevna, daughter of Yuri Gagarin, is going to sue with the owners of the Gagarinsky shopping center, located in the center of Moscow. It seems to her outrageous attempt by merchants to earn on the name of her father. The daughter of the first cosmonaut requires the shopping center to rename. Prior to the start of the trial, Elena Yuryevna invited merchants to go to the world. During the negotiations, the woman called such a large amount of compensation that lawyers are afraid to voice her.“We don’t care how the shopping center will be called, but pay the money that Gagarin’s daughter calls is simply unreasonable! I have no authority to call this amount, but it is very large, ”said lawyer Sergey Zuykov. Women’s lawyers assure that this is not about money, but about protecting the imperishable glory of the first cosmonaut. This is not the first time Elena Yuryevna defends the honor of a famous surname in cases where it is used for “PR”. In 2007, the woman sued the creators of the film “Grandma of Gagarin” – paintings by Andrei Panin about a black -legged boy -orphan, who invented that Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin is his relative. By court decision, the name of the film was changed to the “grandson of the astronaut”, and all mention of the great astronaut was removed from the film itself. Near the shopping center there are many objects whose names are associated with the name of the astronaut. It is possible that owners of the shopping center will be able to prove in court that the name was chosen only in order to facilitate the path to the complex. By a court decision, an examination will be carried out. Passers -by on the street will ask if they connect the name of the shopping complex with the Moscow district or with the surname Yuri Alekseevich. The celebration of Cosmonautics Day in Russia is approaching. This holiday is celebrated annually on April 12. By decision of the UN, since 2011 this holiday has been announced by the International Day of Human Space Day.