Demography in the area

Surgut district the first in the district for demographic indicators. Today, about 119 thousand people live in this territory of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. This was discussed at a press conference in the administration of the Surgut region. First Deputy Head of the district, Galina Rezyapova, told reporters about the policy of the district authorities and how it is reflected in the demographic situation as a whole. The curve on the graph inexorably stretches up. This is an indicator of the natural growth of the population of the Surgut region. If the number of residents increased by a thousand people in 2006, then in 2009 this figure was 1266 people. Since the beginning of 2010, more than 1780 babies were born. The district authorities believe in these indicators, in general is affected by the favorable social situation of the territory. Successful implementation of various district programs allows young families with optimism to look into the future. Galina Rezyapova, First Deputy Head of the Surgut District, says: -That you need to understand, for example, a young, or not a young family thinks before having a second child. So I want to give birth to a child, I pay attention to several things: is there a housing, what a salary, then of course I will see if there is a kindergarten, school, etc. D., That is, their solution is influenced by social and domestic factors. With an increase in the number of inhabitants, their need for social institutions. Kindergartens, hospitals, schools, leisure institutions. Over the past three years, 12 of this kind of establishments have been built and commissioned in the Surgut district. For example, the long -awaited anniversary in Lyander, and a boarding school in Ruskinskaya. Galina Rezyapova, First Deputy Head of the Surgut District, says:- Housing and communal services program, and construction program. I pay attention to the last numbers. In total, in these programs over the past 3.5 years, such a large amount of funds has been used – more than 2 billion, the main share of these funds, of course, are all districts, because today all social programs are massive through the district, but the share of the district is enough High. Today in the area there are still problems in this area. For example, the authorities intend to make up for an acute shortage of preschool institutions with alternative decisions, such as: the creation of private kindergartens and short -term stay establishments. In general, in the area, Galina Rezyapova noted, a favorable socio-economic situation is developing.