Denmark police accused the native of Chechnya of terrorism

The Danish police announced a preliminary accusation of terrorism, Lord Dukaev, a native of the Chechen Republic, who was detained in the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen in September of this year. On December twenty -second, on Tuesday, the local television channel “TV 2” reported.

Some time ago, a twenty -four -year -old man was charged with illegal storage of firearms and the manufacture of an explosive device. The police said that they would be able to prove Dukaev’s involvement in the preparation of a terrorist act.

Lors Dukaev was arrested after the explosive device he made in his hands-in the bathroom room of the hotel room. Despite the fact that the young man tried to hide in the park located next to the hotel, the police managed to discover him.

According to preliminary data, the bomb was intended for the Danish periodical publication Jyllands-Posten, which five years ago published in one of its issues a caricature of Islamic prophet Muhammad. Under Dukaev, a map of the city of Aarhus was also found, in which, in fact, the editorial office of the publication is located. Danish law enforcement agencies contacted their Belgian colleagues in Liege, where Lors Dukaev lived for the past few years, and they removed a computer from his house.

So the Associated Press news agency reports that at this time Dukaev denies any guilt and refuses to make contact with the police. If the court decides that Lors is guilty of preparing a terrorist attack, he will face a lifelong conclusion.

In conclusion, we note that Lors Dukaev seriously engaged in boxing and took part in several amateur competitions. In addition, he completed three courses of the Liege Architectural Institute, but in the end he decided to quit classes. According to the data provided by the data, the young man is average in English, French and German. When he was ten years old, in Chechnya he stepped on a mine, as a result of which he lost his leg below his knee.