Ecuador refused to recognize the “citizen of the world” of Snowden

A passport of a world citizen, a little previously issued by Edward Snowden by the World Government of the Peace Citizens, in no way will be able to help a fugitive American.

From the authorities of Ecuador, which is the only Latin American country recognizing this type of document, it was suddenly stated that such a passport means nothing to them. From the deputy head of the Ecuador Foreign Ministry, Marco Albukha, on the air of one of the local radio stations, it was stated that “this document does not have the necessary protection attributes, it has no data about its owner, which is why he does not represent any significance for us”.The number of other countries where this type of document could be adopted is only a few African states. A little earlier, the President of Ecuador received a statement that Snowden could receive political asylum in the country, but only if the Russian authorities allow him to leave the country without having documents. For several weeks now, Edward Snowden has been in the transit zone of the Moscow Airport Sheremetyevo and is not able to leave the country, since the US authorities decided to cancel his passport. As for the countries from which Snowuden received an offer to provide a fugitive American political asylum, they included Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela. But, the US authorities still insist that Russia give them Snowden. Today, the official representative of the White House Jay Carny received a statement that there are serious reasons for the cursory American to be expelled from the country urgently.