Free treatment of compulsory medical insurance is available to foreigners in Russia

Foreigners living in Russia are entitled to free treatment. According to the new rules for the provision of medical care, they also have available a compulsory medical insurance policy. The document was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The official possibility of providing medical services temporarily staying or living in the Russian Federation to citizens of foreign states has all healthcare institutions, including non -state, private practitioners (individual entrepreneurs).

According to the current legislation, all the working, children, refugees, other categories, constantly (temporarily) foreigners living in Russia, can pass under the compulsory compulsory policy. All available types of medical care in the framework of the relevant programs (standards) should be provided on a par with citizens of the Russian Federation, including free treatment. Free is guaranteed exclusively ambulance (accidents, injuries, poisoning, disease), requiring urgent doctors’ intervention. Moreover, only in state (municipal) healthcare institutions. The remaining medical services, including urgent ones, are provided to foreigners on a paid basis – direct contract, VHI policy. The patient is obliged to introduce an advance, submit a written guarantee of payment of the services rendered. The clinic sets a full account at the end of the course of treatment, within ten days sends the foreigner or the representative of his interests to the Russian one who issued the invitation to the Russian (company).All medical documentation, including sent from Russia to other states, is filled in Russian.