Germany will refuse American nuclear weapons

RP-Online reports that over the next two years, Germany may finally abandon the nuclear weapons of the United States, which is located on its territory. Recall that earlier Germany has already officially stated that she was refusing nuclear weapons, however, being one of the NATO member countries, she has the right to use the nuclear arsenal belonging to the Alliance in the event of a “defensive war” (“Nukleare Teilhabe”).

For this, the thirty-third Aviation squadron of the Luftwaffe is intended, which is located in the Rhineland Palata on one of the Air Force bases in Buhel. There, American military personnel guard about twenty nuclear bombs belonging to the United States (B61). If it is necessary to apply a nuclear strike, then the German Tornado specially equipped for this will deliver them to the area of ​​application.

RP-Online also adds that soon the outdated Thirty-third aviation squadrons will be written off, and Euro-Feathers will receive their replacement. In addition, taking into account the economy program adopted in Germany, which, among other things, also involves a decrease in the financing of German aircraft and reducing the total number of Bundeswehr, put into service with the “Euro -films” will not be modernized for wearing atomic bombs. According to other sources, the thirty -third aviation squadron will be completely disbanded.

Thus, these actions actually mean that Germany will leave the contract with NATO on “nuclear participation”. One of the most active supporters of the deliverance of Germany from Yao is Gido Westerwell – German Foreign Minister. This requirement was included in the election program of the SVDP party last year. Gido Westerwell wants to take out the country and return the United States their atomic bombs as soon as possible. At the same time, Karl-theodore Tsu Guttenberg-Minister of Defense of the Federal District Acts acts as an enemy of this initiative, claiming that at the moment Germany cannot be from nuclear weapons, as such actions may threaten the country’s security.