Greek demonstrators no longer block the acropolis

Reuters news agency reports that Greece Ministry of Culture no longer block the Athenian Acropolis. There are still dozens of people near the entrance to the territory of the historical monument, but they no longer hold the gate and do not prevent tourists from inspecting local attractions. Recall that more recently, the Athenian police dispersed about one hundred and fifty protesters from Acropolis, taking the hill with a storm. During the operation, the police used tear gas. It is also reported that one demonstration was arrested.

Recall that the employees of the Ministry of Greece blocked the Acropolis on October is on October. The reason for the blockade was the reduction in the department undertaken by the government, as well as large salary debts. According to some unofficial data, they can be up to five million euros. According to the data provided by the Reuters agency, due to the work of the tourist sector of Greece, the profit of the tourist sector of Greece decreased by 7-8%. We also note that, together with the protests of employees-Ministry of Culture, the protest was also carried out by railway workers.

Reduction of civil servants is part of the government policy aimed at reducing budget expenditures. According to experts in the second half of this year, the budget deficit in this country reached 11.45 billion euros (4.9% of GDP). The current spring, in exchange, the Greece government agreed with the European Union that the expenses of the IMF will be reduced in Greece, and the European Union, in turn, will allocate a loan of one hundred and ten million euros to this country.