How does the holding of the Olympic Games affect the country’s economy

When, following the results of the competition for the Olympic Games, the city of Rio de Janeiro became the winner, the Brazilians rejoiced, and the citizens of Chicago calculated the damage that cost the city by rumors of 100 million. Doll. What causes such a desire to conduct games in its country and how it affects the economy? Conducting such large -scale events bears direct and indirect benefits. Direct benefits include global construction of infrastructures and sports sets, investment management at the enterprise, as well as the construction of roads and railways, income from arriving tourists. Indirect benefits are in advertising the host country and cities. But along with these there are negative aspects. For example, such as overspending funds, illiterate planning, improper use of objects. Olympic Games are similar to other great championships and championships. Many officials, participants, fans are involved in their holding. They require a large amount of reconstruction and construction. Among the potential benefits from the game, tourist expenses can be noted. Games time – two weeks. During this time, a local restaurant and hotel business receives a big profit from tourists. But this profit usually goes to the central offices that may be outside the region. A large -scale reconstruction of the transport sector is undergoing games. Airports, stations, roads require reconstruction and large investment. For example, in Japan, a super -speed express was built to the games, which in a short time delivered fans from Tokyo to Nagano. Also, global construction requires a large volume of workshops of building materials. This increases the economic activity of the region. New buildings and structures allow you to gain economic benefit in the future. Indirect benefits are also important as direct, only their effect can be seen in the future. For example, a real advertising effect. Namely, raising the rating of the city and the country in the world ranking. This brings long -term wide economic benefits. After all, before advertising in the media, tourists did not consider the country as a potential vacation spot. Potential disadvantages include large costs. For example, in 1976, Montreal became the center of games. 2.8 billion was spent on games. Doll., which the city paid for three decades.