How not to become a victim of scams and frauds on Forex on the Internet

First of all, you need to pay attention to the geographical position of the broker. If this is a country with a weakly developed and not regulated financial industry, then it is better to immediately refuse subscription and registration. One of the best in terms of development is the financial industry in the UK. Also good Japan, Germany and France are good, the main thing is that on their sites you can switch to Russian.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the numbers of licenses that confirm registration and issued by state regulatory authorities governing the financial and investment sector. Such organizations establish strict rules to protect investment. Including for brokers, this may be the requirements to separate all customer funds from operating funds of the enterprise.

Money should be placed in banks with a good reputation, and withdrawing it from the account is possible only after a special request for withdrawing funds. You should know that even fake regulatory authorities can fall on the Internet. You need to find out how long they work, look for reviews or comments of others who have already worked with them. It will not be superfluous to look for forums where traders discuss their brokers.

This is what you need to pay attention to to avoid fraud:

To stay away from too raining prospects, especially those who recently received at their disposal a large amount of money and are looking for safe investment options (for example, pensioners). Also, first you need to allocate only a small amount for trading, and only then start increasing it.

People and organizations should also be avoided that they are able to predict or guarantee large profits.

You need to understand that trading in any manifestation is hard work, and currency trade is no exception. Therefore, one should not believe the statement that it is easy to work in the market.

You do not need to contact companies that underestimate investment risks, as well as those who claim that a written risk agreement is just a routine formality imposed by the government.

You cannot believe those who say that it can provide access to trade in the “interbank market”. It represents a failure only a free network of foreign exchange operations, which are carried out only by large financial companies.