How to combine fasting and fitness?

For the people of the Orthodox, who strictly observe all church canons, including during the period of Great Lent, are faced with the following problem: it is possible or not to combine active classes of fitness and post?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the religious aspect of this issue: is it possible to carry out conventional fitness classes during compliance with the post, whether it is worth refrain from entertainment and not abandon physical proximity? However, it is worth remembering that fitness classes can be perceived not only as, but also as one of the possible options for excellent pastime, as well as a healing event that does not contradict the spiritual cleansing of a person.

With all this, there is a physiological side of the issue. So people who are fasting during this period refuse to use all products, animal origin. This is, in turn, to reduce protein revenues in the body.  Therefore, intense physical activity can lead to increased fatigue, a breakdown of strength, and as a result to the depletion of the whole organism. The conclusion suggests itself: if you decide to fast and continue to engage in fitness, you must take certain measures so as not to harm the whole body.

Of course, you need to correctly and rationally approach the issue of compiling a daily menu. Remember that bread, cereals and tea will not be enough to ensure normal life in the process of intense training. It is best to eat more vegetables, and in completely any form? They can be fried, stewed, boiled and baked. In addition, you need to consume honey, nuts, jelly, juices, fruit drinks. If you do not eat meat from the principle, then soy protein cocktails will suit you. Buying them is quite simple: you will not find them in ordinary stores, but in any fitness center their mass. Such drinks add the desired protein to the body, while without violating the post.

Experts recommend postponing classes on power simulators, it is better for them to prefer aerobic loads. In addition, do not overdo it with burdening sports shells. It is better to start mastering completely new types of fitness. It is important to listen to the opinion of your body, pay more attention to your well -being. At the first signs of malaise or just poor health, you better stop and continue fitness classes after the end.