How to quickly and effectively get views on YouTube

It just seems that becoming a blogger is easy. You just shoot videos and get paid, don’t you? In fact, a lot depends on luck.

The rest is a titanic work on the regular creation of high-quality content and competent promotion.

Promoting a young channel is not easy. Beginners are literally lost against the background of experienced bloggers. And then there is a tempting button called “Buy Youtube Views“.

Why do you need wrapping

YouTube hates it when people turn on the cheat, and desperately bans for it. However, in the early stages of the channel’s existence, it is necessary. Videos are ranked by views, and if there are too few of them, no one will see the video. Career ruined, time and money invested in vain.

People are social creatures, and herd behavior is not an empty phrase. No one will come to watch a video that has two or three views. But if there are twenty or thirty thousand views … So many people cannot be wrong at the same time, right? So cheating helps to attract real users to the channel.

Finally, it’s just nice. A high number in a view row is still something to brag about.


You need to wind up a little, but often. Indicators should be as close to natural as possible. If YouTube suspects that the matter is dirty, it will block the account or send it to a shadowban. You have to disguise yourself.

It is impossible to order cheating by bots and automatic algorithms. Today they are easily calculated, and the channel flies to the bar. Only cheating with real views.

It is worth considering geography. Let’s say your video is in English. If the bulk of the views are from India and China, where this language is not very common, it will be a little strange. YouTube will suspect you.

It is important to remember: wrapping should be complex. Normally, the number of views correlates with the number of likes, dislikes, comments and subscribers. If you only boost views, it looks terribly suspicious.

Where can I buy

One conclusion can be drawn: you need to wind it in a safe place. You need to order cheat views from trusted people. For example, on the Promo Banger website. The algorithms are of high quality, the views are only live. Your account will definitely not be deleted, and no shadowban will follow.

Tariffs are varied. You buy more views – you will have to pay more, but in general it is more profitable to order in large packs. The more views, the cheaper each individual.

Payment in dollars. When paying, you must immediately attach a link to the video.