Hugo Chavez is guarded by Cuban intelligence services

The Venezuelan State Security apparatus is under the full department of Cuban intelligence, which is involved in the strengthening of the positions of the special services of Iran in this Bolivarian Republic. This became known on the thematic forum held in the American Miami. Such a statement was made at once by several participants. Thor Halvorsssen, who served as a special authorized ambassador to combat drugs under the Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Pereza, who headed the country in 1974-1979 and 1989-1993, said the Cubans not only lead the actions of the Venezuela special services, but also fully control the development of Venezuela’s relations and Iranian governments. Halvorsssen, who takes part in the conference entitled “History of Cuban special services and their presence in Venezuela,” noted that agents from Cuba control and coordinate all the agreements concluded between Tehran and Karakas.

Venezuelan expert believes that the Iranians present in the country are in no way connected with the development of industry in Venezuela. According to Halvorsen, in this case we are talking about the so -called “Potemkin factories”. Officially declared goods are not produced at such enterprises. Halvorsssen recalled an interesting case. The customs authorities of Turkey detained 22 containers from Iran, who followed Venezuela. According to the documentation, the containers should have details and equipment for the tractor factory. However, after the check, it turned out that instead of parts inside there were dangerous chemicals used in the production of explosives. According to political analyst Pedro Corso, who is the organizer of the conference, agents of the Cuban intelligence services are part of the “closest circle” of the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. They are responsible for its safety. According to one of the local journalists Alexis Ortis, a similar situation is explained by the fact that the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution simply does not trust his compatriots.