In Australia, the level of drug addiction is determined by sewage

It is known how doctors with the police determine whether the person was accepted by drugs or not, – using urine analysis. Or something else, with which metabolites of narcotic substances are released with the body. What can be done with the waste of one particular person, then you can undertake to take waste from a whole community of anonymous citizens.

Students from adelaids were ready to perform such maxi-analysis that in the south of Australia. The research technique has been borrowed by them from enthusiasts of Western Europe. It remained to check how useful the analysis of excrement is to inform the information interested in the health of the nation to persons.

Samples of sewage were taken by students at 15 filtration stations of various settlements of South Australia. In sewer fluids, researchers were looking for stimulating drugs – cocaine, ecstasy and methamphetamine.

And this is what turned out after magic with test tubes and flasks. According to Professor Rodney Irwin, who led the experiment, in South Australia, people use 10 times more ecstasy than in Europe. But cocaine – 10 times less.

Young Australian scientists managed to figure out the “schedule” of drug administration by the Australians within a week. For this sample of sewer masses, they took separately – on working and weekends. It turned out that it is ecstasy that is used just in the weekend, when the Australians go to picnics and dances. And the inhabitants of the Green Continent indulge in cocaine and meta every day-most likely, due to the addictive potential of these stimulants.

The question arises: for which the budget money of the Australian people is spent digging in shit? Yes, in order to check how effective the expensive state programs to combat drug addiction and drug trafficking in various regions of Australia are effective. In countries with developed civil society and minimal corruption among law enforcement officers, one has to act in this way, without interfering in the private life of the townsfolk, but picking in their…