In Irkutsk, a start to the project “Show me the world”.

In Irkutsk, the project “show me the world” is embodied, the purpose of which is to draw the attention of the residents of the city to what problems the wheelchair users face.

The embodiment of the project “Show me the world” in Irkutsk began with a meeting of Alexander Khanhalaev, who heads the Duma, with the authors of the initiative. The latter, by the way, are persecuted by the most good intentions: to show how difficult it is sometimes for wheelchair users to move within their native city. The problem of creating a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities is still acute in society. The townspeople chained by the will of fate to a wheelchair need special conditions for normal life. But the city authorities do not always want to understand how difficult it is to be treated and rehabilitation if these conditions are simply not created. Solving the problem of accessibility for strollers can contribute, for example, the installation of light mobile ramps, called the rollanda. By the way, many museums of the country are already equipped with such. The indifference of the inhabitants of Irkutsk, who donated some amounts, nevertheless, worthy of praise. For the funds collected, the charity fund bought a special car designed to transport three strollers. By the way, the townspeople acquired a similar vehicle a little earlier, but the huge demand for it does not allow you to fully satisfy all those in need. The turn for the use of a car is sometimes equal to two or more weeks, and the list of routes is limited only by medical institutions. With a new acquisition, the initiators of the project associate hopes for an unhindered visit to the Cultural sphere with strollers.