In Kazakhstan, funds were calculated for conducting the Universiade

Deputy Head of the Department of Construction of Kazakhstan, Temirkhan Arymbaev, said that total expenses will amount to $ 763.4 million, that 139 billion tenge on local currency.

Money will go not only for the construction of sports facilities: together with the stadiums, the surrounding area will be landscaped, materials necessary for construction are purchased – basic mixtures, equipment, limestone, indispensable for quality construction and providing a high degree of reliability of future structures.

Local leadership calculated expenses

Arymbaev specified that an ice arena for 12 thousand spectators will cost 42.6 billion tenge. Small sports arena for three thousand seats according to the estimate costs 23.4 billion tenge, and 38.5 billion tenge will be needed for the construction of a village for athletes.

Promises of the authorities

Builders promise to build all important objects by the fall of 2016, Arymbaev added. Engineering networks will be laid not only for sports facilities, but also for the future, taking into account the growing city, they write Tengrynus.

The engineering communications include electric networks worth 8 billion tenge, water supply and sewage systems for 10 billion tenge, heat supply – 14 billion tenge. That is how much it will take to spend money to connect all sports facilities. The total amount of expenses will be 139 billion tenge, Arymbaev added. According to the deputy head of the construction department, the republican budget provides money and is currently financing strictly according to the plan.

It is worth noting that the funds will only go for the construction of structures and laying out utility communications, although it is also required to take into account the costs of the event itself. Therefore, the authorities find it difficult to name the total amount that includes the costs of organizing the event. Almost 3,500 athletes from more than a dozen countries of the world will come to the Universiade-2017 Universiade-2017. Competitions consist of 7 mandatory sports-biathlon, figure skating, hockey with puck, skiing, kerling, short track and snowboarding.