In May, you can buy Facebook shares

According to the All Things Digital, the largest world social network Facebook in May of this year plans to launch the primary public placement of shares (IPO). According to unofficial data, Facebook shares will appear on the IPO exchange in late spring, approximately in the second decade of May.

Facebook plans were known earlier. In November, it was reported that the company planned to reach the IPO exchange in the second quarter of 2012. According to analysts, the primary sale of Facebook shares can be the largest IPO in recent years among IT companies, whose capital is more than 100 billion. dollars.

Options for the development of events on the IPO exchange

According to Rob Enderle, the founder and chief analyst Enderle Group, the IPO Facebook exit to the IPO exchange will favorably affect the future of the IT industry, since many Internet companies may also decide to place their shares on the exchange. Enderle claims that the sale of Facebook shares should be a key event of this year in the Internet industry. If everything goes successfully, this will most likely lead to an IPO mass wave, which will entail the market expansion, and if Facebook shares are not in demand, then other companies will think about whether they should go to the IPO exchange rate.

Note that Facebook is not the first social network to decide to become a publicly quoted company. Last year, the LinkedIn social network posted its shares on the New York Stock Exchange, within one minute of bidding their price doubled.

The IPO of the Pandora Media musical streaming service also proved its popularity, but economic problems aroused further reduction in promotional prices.

The Russian search engine Yandex entered the exchange of securities and attracted 1.3 billion dollars in May 2011 during the initial placement.

Facebook financial plans

Facebook plans to attract an amount of $ 5 billion, but in the course of preparation for the placement of the action, this figure can double. According to The Wall Street Journal, owners of the social network will be able to receive about $ 10 billion from the sale of Facebook shares. However, if the predicted high demand of investors is not justified, then Facebook shares can fall sharply in price.