In Moscow near the metro stations, underground mechanized parking lots will be built

Near the stations of the metropolitan subway plan to build underground mechanized parking lots, which, according to the plan, should have approximately ten floors in depth. The deputy head of the construction department of the capital, Vladimir Shvetsov, said that the city authorities have already received acceptable proposals from Chinese manufacturers. Thus, the construction of the first such facilities can start before the end of this year. It is planned that such parking will be able to accommodate almost one thousand cars.

Vladimir Shvetsov also said that the main plus of such parking is their compactness.

We received a fairly good offer from Chinese partners, with an acceptable price, ”the official said. – These manufacturers have visual experience in this area, since they have already managed to launch such underground mechanized parking lots not only at home, in China, but also in the territories of Europe, Russia, Vladivostok.

The underground facility will save place. Although general savings (you do not have to take care of the construction of the walls, issues of plastic windows of prices), most likely, is leveled by other capital work.

The representative of the construction department explained that in this case it is about parking, which will have 7-10 floors in depth.

The construction of one parking lot will cost almost 350 thousand rubles, ”said Shvetsov. In addition, he noted that the sites where such a parking lot can be placed will also be able to offer citizens who will only need to collect a certain number of signatures, and then send an application to the city administration.