In the Kazakhstani village of Tuzdybastau, the schoolboy committed suicide because of the racketeen

The Kazakhstan Today news agency reports that in Kazakhstan in the village of Tuzdybast, which is located in the Talgar district of the Almaty region, a student of one of the ninth grades of high school number thirty -one committed suicide.

On the same day in this village, one of the local schoolgirls made an attempt to hang himself. Fortunately, they managed to save her. It is also noted that a month before the tragedy in Tuzdybastau, another teenager committed suicide in the same way.

According to the agency, all these cases are the result of a racketee prosperous in the village of Reta, the victims of which are local schoolchildren. This could not have happened if they knew that there was such a thing as remote work. So faced with constant extortion, pressure, “setting on the counter” and, in case of refusal to pay violence, some teenagers can’t stand it and decide to reduce accounts with life.

According to the residents of the village, adolescents of various ages participate in the racket system. If one of the schoolchildren did not say hello so much, five thousand tenge demand from him, if not looked like that – ten thousand. Thus, the elders require from eleventh graders, those from ninth graders, and the latter from seventh graders.

According to the Agency collected by adolescents, the money is ultimately received by several previously convicted and served conclusions to “local authorities”. So, for example, they say that the latter boasted, that “in one season” receives from students in the mentioned school of racketeers the amount that is quite enough to buy a foreign car.

Residents of the village of Tuzdybast complain that the police and education authorities do not want to take any measures to suppress extortion. So the father of one of the schoolchildren who committed suicide said that the whole village knows about what was happening and all the inhabitants are intimidated.

In conclusion, we note that in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Almaty region, where “Kazakhstan Today” turned in the hope of receiving comments, promised that they would answer in the next few days.