In Vladivostok, the concentration of goods for the northern delivery 2018 began

FESCO transport company, which provides more than half of the total market for cargo transportation to the Chukotka Peninsula, began preparations for the northern import in the inaccessible region. The reception of goods in the Vladivostok Sea Trade port will begin on April 25.

And the FESCO company plans to implement its first flight as part of the northern delivery on June 12. Let the container “Captain Gnezdilov” go to. It is planned that within the framework of the summer navigation for the marine linear service “FESCO Anadyr Line”, six departments of containers will be made on schedule.

Flight frequency – 25 days. The vessels will transport goods from Vladivostok to the ports of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Anadyr and Egvezinot. Perhaps during some flights you will have to use icebreakers for passing ships with cargoes. The main types of goods, the accumulation of which begins in Vladivostok, these are consumer goods, building materials, fuel, equipment and food products. While the owners of apartments in the new buildings of the Moscow Region can at any time purchase goods in stores at home or shopping centers, residents of the northern regions of the country have to wait for summer special flights.

As noted by representatives of FESCO, the accumulation and shipment of goods are the initial and very important stage. North Formation started in the Khabarovsk Territory. There, seasonal centralized supplies will be carried out, among other things, by road.

Within a month, the rosary graphs of the supply of vessels for loading petroleum products and coal should be prepared for a month. In total, about 50 thousand are planned to be brought to remote areas of the region. fuel, which should cover the needs. Reference: FESCO owns a fleet of 22 transport ships.

In the long -term lease of the company there are 4 icebreakers. In the management of the company 36 thousand. containers. The transport company has assets in the field of railway, port and integrated logistics business, which allows you to carry out all the transportation of different types of cargo “from the door to the door”.