Individual construction in Yekaterinburg goes to the southwest

It seems that disputes about unlimited lands between the regional Ministry of Management of the State Property and the Mary, which lasted six months, brought the first results. If only not to take into account the first lands announced from this land fund, on which a small area was exhibited – 7.93 hectares. The ministry took the second step in a different direction.

Mugiso is going to conduct engineering networks at 200 sites at the expense of regional programs. These lands will be issued to beneficiaries standing in line for individual housing construction. The ministry, together with the mayor’s office, approved the cutting of allocations on the cadastral plan, and now the plots are being registered for cadastral records. Blackpoints can count on plots in the villages of the Mountain Shield, Palkinsky peat, Shabrovsky.

It is worth making a reservation that in the most part these plans coincide with the criteria of the concept of the Horman Luch project, which was created by the past composition of the city leadership. It also involves the development of individual houses. And the fact that the city and the region at least found common interests in this can be considered a great achievement.

The toponym “Mountain Ray” arose 3 years ago: then the actual boundaries of Yekaterinburg began to coincide with the borders of the municipality “City of Yekaterinburg”: 29 settlements and agricultural lands were included. In total, the territory of the city grew 66 thousand hectares, in connection with which many unlimited lands formed. True, no one has taken up for their land surveying because of the cost of the process.

It is planned that in addition to the mining direction, in the future, the areas of Shirow-Rozhensky and Medny-2 will be built up.

At the moment, at the stage of cadastral design there are 200 sections with an area of ​​about 10 acres each. Perhaps the case will soon move off the ground.

In total, such areas in Yekaterinburg will receive 13 thousand families. Their extradition, reminded the ministry, will be carried out in accordance with the May decrees of President Putin.