Integral indicators.

Describing the lifestyle based on six types of activities, we are faced with the following situation. On the one hand, the lifestyle is multi -element, on the other, it has a certain unified quality. For example, it can be active or passive, monotonous or diverse, developed or undeveloped. Of course, any lifestyle is characterized not by one, but by several such qualities. But qualities are no longer an element of which it consists, but lifestyle features as a whole. These features are indicated by the corresponding concepts, the operation of which allows them to measure their. In recent years, many such concepts adequate to the socialist lifestyle have been called in literature. So, by n. FROM. Mansurov, they are progressiveness, political orientation, collective character, organization, degree of activity, typicality. AT. And. Tolstoy speaks of such features of a socialist lifestyle as collectivism, the achievement of a rich personality, creative character. But most of these indicators have not yet been operational. Therefore, there are no methodological opportunities to use them yet. This leads to the fact that indicators are formed without the upper level, t. e. without any integral indicators, but include only intermediate, focused on the measurement of certain elements of lifestyle. Given this, we tried to develop such concepts that, firstly, would reflect the specific features of the rural lifestyle, and secondly, were available for operationalization. There are four of them in our study: development, urbanized, consistency of the rural lifestyle and the nature of the differentiation of the studied population in the way of life.