Israel rarely live up to eighty -six years

The Central Statistical Bureau of Israel has completed a large-scale study, including not only the census of the population, but also statistics on almost all sectors of the life of the Israelis, for the past, 2009. Of course, in this study, aspects regarding the medicine and health of the Israelis, demography, etc. So, it turned out that more than seven million forty thousand people live in Israel. Of these, 75.6% – Jews, 16.9% – Muslims, 2% – Christians, 1.7% – Druze and 3.eight.% were determined as professing other religions. The average age of the Israeli male is 28-29 years, and the Israeli women-30 years. The largest age group of our small country is children from newborns to four -year. Such babies of both sexes 10% of the total population of the country. But the smallest age group included Israelis aged 85 and older. Only 1% of men and 1.5.% of women survived to such an advanced age. The Israelis enters the marriage an average of 25 years (men) and 22 years old (women). As for childbirth, on average, 30% of Israelis in one child, still 31.4% in two children, in 19.7% three children and 16.1% of Israeli four or more children. It is also known that among the Israelis, from four to sixty -five years old, 4.6% are not able to walk or climb up the stairs, 2.1% do not know how to dress and wash on their own, 2.2% partially or completely absent hearing , 0.3% have certain vision problems. This study was the first of its kind, since it was performed by a comprehensive method that combined data from administrative sources and selective data of “field” surveys and observations.