It is possible that the death of a British intelligence is associated with sexual experiments

On September 13, The Daily Mail reported that the recent death of Gareth Williams, a British intelligence officer, who also engaged in the sales of the fire -extension system, occurred due to an accident in the process of sexual experiments.

According to the information presented by the newspaper, during the investigation of the mysterious circumstances of the death of Gareth Williams, one of the police officers with a similar complexion made an attempt to climb into a bag whose dimensions are similar to the one in which the intelligence officer was discovered. During the investigative experiment, she managed to close the bag, being inside it. According to investigators, Williams could do the same to achieve sexual satisfaction. Thus, experts consider it likely that, being inside the bag, he could not open her castle, which is why he had a panic and he suffocated.

Recall that on August 23, the naked body of the British intelligence officer Gareth Williams was found in a sports bag in the bathroom belonging to his London apartment. Since neither bruises nor injuries on his body were found, and there were no traces of the struggle in the apartment, experts could not establish the cause of Williams’ death. Of course, we must also take into account the fact that at this time the results are not yet obtained to clarify the situation of the toxicological examination that has arisen. Also do not forget the version according to which he was poisoned by radioactive substances.

In conclusion, we note that the surveillance cameras installed in the intelligence officer filmed two unknown people, namely a man and a woman. According to the videos, they were in his apartment on the possible day of Williams’ death. At this time, their search is underway. Some media outlets published assumptions according to which, by the way, some secret documents could disappear from the apartment of the scout, who, incidentally, specialized in the encryption. Be that as it may, it’s too early to say anything for sure, since no official statements have yet been made.