It is very important for cities that all communications there work stably. The technical condition of the sewage system, as well as the gas and water supply, affects the quality of life of citizens. Accordingly, these systems must not only be used correctly without violating well -known norms and rules, but also repair. However, the replacement and installation of pipelines by digging trenches is very laborious and not easy. To restore the work of communications extremely quickly, without destroying the roads of roads and not creating inconvenience for residents of the village, specialists invented the Testranchy Pipella method method.

This method allows you to easily and quickly repair, without stopping the supply of water or gas and without violating the landscape. At the same time, to perform work, you do not need to use a numerous earthmage and other heavy equipment. To cope with the tactranschic installation of pipes, more about which is written on

Depending on the task and working conditions, repairman builders carry out a tarantile replacement of pipes through sanitation, as well as dismantling old structures. In the first case, the masters hold out a new polymer pipe inside the previous, cast -iron or iron. This method is ideal for repairing sewage and water supply. As for the destruction method, it consists in the fact that the builders, dismantling the served pipe, at the same time expand the hole in the ground and tighten the new design there. As a rule, this is how the non -pressure sewer is changed, preserving or slightly increasing the diameter of the pipeline. The economic feasibility of tactrand replacement of pipes lies in the absence of large expenses associated with the need to destroy the roadbed and its subsequent restoration. In addition, taranteous methods of repair do not require a large number of people and equipment. It is noteworthy that with such a replacement of the pipeline, it is not necessary to block the traffic, mount temporary transitions for pedestrians over the echoed sections of the road and injure flower beds, trees and other garden and park stands.