Ivan Davydov. Will not rise

Will not rise

The joke is not the latest, Saturday, well, let me tell you.

Now it’s fashionable to collect any signatures. To make a petition. Demand. Achieve. Well, or rather, there are problems about “achieving”, but the rest is exactly in fashion.

So. The initiative group of citizens collected the proper number of signatures and demanded from the state the withdrawal of death stars to the orbit. This is from early Lucas, if you remember, from the classic Star Wars episodes. A large such round thing designed to destroy the planets.

She still explodes beautifully there thanks to the skillful actions of the rebels.

(Now the fans are becoming embarrassed, I know that two of them were actually, believe me, and I remember who destroyed the first and who the second. This is just not important for further presentation.)

Citizens turned, the official answered. This was said by an official representing, by the way, the presidential administration, unfortunately, is impossible. Firstly, because it is very expensive. Secondly, because it is strange to build a combat space station that an experienced pilot on a single fighter can destroy. Well, thirdly, the administration is generally against the idea of ​​destroying planets.

And now, the heart is on the heart, tell me, when you realize that it is not about Russia? When an official responded to a request or when it turned out that the idea of ​​destroying the planets by the administration is not approved?

Well, yes, of course, it all happened in the States.

But we are not behind either. Here, remember, recently signatures were collected for the abolition of t. n. “The Law of Dima Yakovlev”. Collected over one hundred thousand, sent to the Duma. It seems that from the very top it was promised that if more than one hundred thousand signatures are going to, you cannot ignore the appeal.

Deputies did not ignore. But they rejected. Because there is a promise to take into account the requests of citizens, of course, it is, but there is no mechanism for response. But soon it will definitely be. Then. Someday. Maybe.

Two worlds are two digital democracies, as the leading programs of the International Panorama would say about forty years ago and, perhaps, the leading Vesti programs will also say in the very near future.