Layout of the world

Bombay is an administrative center of the same name, seaport, large industrial, trade, financial and cultural center of India. Located on the coast of the Australian Sea on the island of the same name, connected to the mainland dams. The population is 5970 thousand. people.

The city center is a fort in the southeastern part of the island. In the northern and eastern parts. – Industrial enterprises. In the southwest, the embankment of Marin-Drive stretches for several kilometers. The coast of the Bombay Bay is occupied by port structures and warehouses.

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Jakarta-the capital, the shopping, financial and cultural center and the transport hub of Indonesia. Located on the northwestern coast of the island of Java at the fall of. Chilewing in the ocean. The population is 4915 thousand. people. 10 km to the north -east is the large seaport of tanjungprio, associated with the city of railway, channel and highway.

Surabay – the administrative center of the province of Java, the large industrial center and the main shopping port of Indonesia. Located on the low-end northeastern coast of Java at the mouth of R. Kalimas. The population is 1269 thousand. people.

The entire northern part of the city is occupied by port structures located on both sides of the mouth of. Kalimas. The trading port is located on the western coast.

Mexico City – the capital of Mexico, the largest industrial center and the country’s railway junction. Located in the southern part of the Mexican Highlands at an altitude of 2200 m above sea level, not far from the Vulcan Popocatepetl. The population is 3026 thousand. people. In the central part of the city, multi -storey buildings prevail. In the north and in industrial outskirts, numerous shacks occupy half of the urban territory.


Lima is the capital of Peru, a large trade and financial industrial and cultural center and the country’s transport hub; associated directly with the seaport of the Calla. The city is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in the Valley R. Rimak, at the foot of San Cristobal hills. The population is 2862 thousand. people.

The layout of the city is mostly rectangular. The city underwent significant reconstruction.