Legionnaire fate: FC “Ilyichevets” (Mariupol). Part is the third

Mariupol fans should remember Ara and Aram Akobyanov. ARA career was more diverse. After Mariupol, he played in Moldova for Zimbra, in Belarus for Gomel, after which he played a year and a half in Armenia and went to Iran, but a year later he returned to his homeland. During 2012, he managed to change three clubs and in the last of them – Alashkerti, at the age of thirty -two completed a football career at the end of last year.

Aram from the Ilychevtsa moved to Bananz for six months, after which he decided to try his forces in the Volga from Ulyanovsk, but it did not work out there either. Six months later, he was again part of the “bananan”. In the summer of 2011, at the age of thirty -two years, he completed a football career in the Impulse. Today is an assistant to the head coach at Alashkerti.

Georgian Georgy Tsimakuridze, who played a lot in Ukraine, but almost did not leave a trace in Ilyichevts (only two matches), has been playing in Thailand for two years.

The best scorer in the 07/08 season, Brazilian Severino Lima de Moura, after the “Ilyichevevets” went to Greece – to the Pirean “ethnicos”, but did not gain football glory there. Six months later, he went to Poland, where he played only one match for Gurnik from Bogdan. Then there was a “Daugava” from Daugavpils, but even in Latvia he did not even demonstrate the level that he showed in Ukraine. Finally, the Brazilian returned to his homeland and became the player of the Ikasu club, who today performs in the series B, but without the ex-player of the Ilychevtsa. Severino Lima, if he plays football, then somewhere in the lower divisions of local football.

The fans of the Ilychevets, of course, remember the Cameroon Eric Camdema Camdy. The favorite of the Mariupol public, unfortunately, has already left this world. He died in a car accident during a vacation in his homeland on August 6, 2009.

Well, another legionnaire, who was basically not remembered by Ilyichevts, but will forever go down in the history of Ukrainian football. We are talking about Moldavian Sergei Lashchenkov. I think all the fans who are interested in football know about his future fate.