Lithuania seeks punishment for Russia for killed Ukrainian soldiers

Lithuania demands to appoint sanctions for Russia for disrespectful behavior in relation to a truce in Ukraine. 27 dead and 69 wounded were the payment for the ceasefire, noted the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry. A truce lasted from 20 to 30 June.

Linas Linkyavichus, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, I am sure: the Russian Federation must be punished for disrespect shown to a truce in the eastern part of Ukraine. In order to stop shootouts in Ukraine, 27 dead, 69 wounded. Conducted 108 attacks of militias, noted the minister. And at this time in America, problems are also brewing in America where Congress is opposed to Obama. The White House team is called self -confident and incompetent, in connection with which Congress wants, so that the president to be liable to be liable. On his blog on Twitter, Linas wrote: Russia must be punished with appropriate sanctions for disrespect. Note: the truce between the militias of the Donbass and the security forces of Ukraine began on June 20 and ended on June 30 at 23:00 Moscow time. The militias accuse the fighters of the National Guard, as well as the security forces. Igor Strelkov, the deputy commander of the Donetsk militia, noted: the hospitals began to bring people poisoned by chlorine after a recent shelling of Slavic suburbs with chemical weapons. At the headquarters of the ATO, the use of chemical weapons in every possible way reject. In Donetsk, a bus was recently fired at, in which the mothers of soldiers were driving, as well as reporters. As a result of the incident, Anatoly Maga, Channel One Operator, was seriously wounded. From the injury he died. Other Russian channels were also under the fire, the DPR believes that what happened is the actions of the security forces of Ukraine.