Luxury tax will allow the introduction of a cadastral assessment of land

The head of state Vladimir Putin confirmed that he adheres to the position of the need to introduce tax for owners of expensive real estate.

As the president said during the “direct line”, the tax must be introduced. Putin emphasized that the difference in income is a sharp and important question.

True, according to him, there is a hitch in the office of ministers, which is associated with the procedure for introducing additional real estate tax. Members of the government cannot yet decide on the proper embodiment of this system in relation to real estate due to the lack of clarity regarding the cadastral assessment of the Earth.

The head of state announced the need for a speedy completion of the cadastral assessment of real estate in the country: without it it is impossible to update taxation, including introducing an increased tax on expensive real estate. According to the president, it is necessary to speed up the assessment procedure in order to introduce a “luxury” tax as soon as possible as soon as possible.

The government has already begun to consider the bill on real estate tax, which will replace existing land and property taxes for individuals. According to the new law, the tax will be calculated on the cadastral – the closest to the real – the cost of objects.

According to the proposal of the authors of the bill, the tax will be calculated as follows: the tax rate on housing does not exceed 0.1 %, on other buildings – 0.5 %, on agricultural land, summer cottages and land for conducting personal subsidiary plots – 0.3 % If the total cadastral value of real estate for one owner will not be higher than 300 million rubles, the tax for other lands will be 1.5 %.