Mahmoud Ahmadijad will throw a stone towards Israel

Referring to one of the Arab publications “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”, the Jerusalem Post reports that during his visit to Lebanon, which is scheduled for October 13, the Iranian President Mahmad Akhmadjad is going to symbolically throw a stone towards the Israeli state.

Thus, the leader of Iran will demonstrate the negative attitude of the Iranian authorities towards the Jewish state and the policy of him. According to unofficial sources, the anti -Israeli gesture will be made by Ahmadijad during the opening ceremony of the park, which will be located in the south of Lebanon near its border with Israel.

During his visit, which will be approximately two days, Mahmoud Akhmadinjad is also going to meet his colleague from Lebanon – Michel Suleiman. The further part of the program will consist of participation in the opening of the new Iranian Center, erected at one of the many battles of 2006 of the Livo-Israeli war. In conclusion, the President of Israel will refer to the need for peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel.

It should be noted that Mahmoud Akhmadidjad criticized Israeli’s policy many times in his speeches, which he described by the Zionist regime. The Iranian President stated that it was necessary to erase the Israeli state from the face of the earth, and also compared the Israelis with the infection. He compared the Zionists with microbes. In addition, the leader of Iran showed the opinion that Israel would never dare to attack Iran. He also repeatedly called on the International Criminal Court to pay attention to the “numerous war crimes” that the Israelis committed in the territories of Palestine.