More modern equipment will be installed on five TPUs

Auctions were announced in the capital’s department of overhaul to search for a performer who would take up the technical equipment of the transport and transition units available in the city (TPU). So, in the second half of the year, the metropolitan authorities intend to install new equipment on five TPUs located near the metro stations. It is assumed that it will be VDNH, Altufevo, Water Stadium, River Station and Voikovskaya.

From the prepared technical requirements, it became known that in the territories of flat transplant nodes, sorting points and coordinating blocks, automatic signaling devices, switches should be equipped. TPU will also be equipped with remote controls, anxious buttons and other devices. The authorities plan to allocate over 35 million rubles from the city budget for the re -equipment of the five TPUs.

It is worth noting that by the beginning of next year, almost one and a half hundred TPU will have to appear in the capital. In total, by the beginning of 2020, it is planned to create 255 transport and transition units, where intercepting parking lots will also be located. These TPUs will have to combine not only metro stations and suburban trains, but also bus stations and stops for public transport.

Capital authorities pay considerable attention to modernization of urban infrastructure and city services. As part of the introduction of an intellectual transport system, a scoreboard with information on the arrival of vehicles is installed at stops, buses and trolleybuses are equipped with GLONASS complexes, new special equipment is purchased in Moscow, other events are being held.