Moscow diggers discovered large-scale pollution of the tributary of the Moscow River by the builders of the Alabi-Baltic tunnel

Moscow diggers discovered serious pollution of the Tarakanovka River, which is the influx of Moscow River, which was allowed as a result of the construction of the Alabi-Baltic tunnel. About this in his blog was written by the geologist Digg-Komandir.

According to the blogger, the Izvestia newspaper, in published photos, clearly shows that various construction garbage swims in the water. Pollution began back in 2009 during the construction of a section of the tunnel near the interchange.

In turn, other diggers say that a solution of bentonite is drained from the construction site to the river in large quantities. At their disposal there are photos of two years ago from the very first large -scale discharge of garbage into the river.

Digger Vladimir states that so many waste was dropped during this time that there was a layer of up to one and a half meters thick on the river, which stretches for 2 kilometers. The mud also covered the shores, and the water in the river became a whitefish-white.

Vladimir notes that the pollution of the cockroaches can result in serious problems for the city. If the collector is overloaded with such discharges, then this will significantly reduce its throughput.

Already now during rainfalls, when all the water goes into underground rivers, he may simply not have enough throughput capacity. Water can leave the collector and pour several surrounding lanes in the area of ​​sandy streets.

In addition, if the water goes beyond the walls of the collector and washed out the soil, this can lead to the formation of failures and floods between Voikovsky District and Marshal Zhukov Avenue.

At the same time, representatives of the contractor leading the construction of the Alabi -Baltic tunnel – NGO “Cosmos” do not comment on these publications. In the State Unitary Enterprise “Mosvodostok”, which is operating this collector, they say that the company has repeatedly made claims to NGO “Cosmos”, obliged to be responsible for cleanliness in the site of work. Instead, garbage dumps were repeatedly marked into collectors.