Moscow is considering the cancellation of the expansion of paid parking in the Basmann region

Deputies of the Basmann region of Moscow sent an appeal to the mayor of the city, in which they ask to cancel the decision on the planned expansion of the paid car parking zone to the third transport ring. Expansion will have to enter into force on December 25 and affect 38 streets of this region.

According to deputies, in connection with the installation of a large number of signs prohibiting the stop, the number of parking spaces and so significantly (2-4 times) has decreased, many are forced to park in the yards. Since from January 1 to the year the Baumanskaya Arban-Pokrovskaya metro station will be closed for repairs, the transport load and the need for parking spaces in the region will increase even more. After the introduction of paid parking, the situation for many residents of the Basmann region may be hopeless.

In addition, the introduction of new places for paid parking involves a considerable investment in the arrangement of adjacent territories. So, in places of paid parking, the Moscow authorities will have to take care of laying a new asphalt, installing the corresponding signs. In addition, the cost of laying asphalt in Moscow cannot be said to exceed permissible indicators, but for the planned scale the volume of funds spent may exceed the permissible limits.

Additionally, a proposal for round -the -clock free parking within the area of ​​residence was made in the circulation. According to deputies, residents should be able to get a permit for free, which would allow them to park freely within the area or even the administrative district in which they live.

As already reported, it is planned to expand the current zone of paid parking lots to the third transport ring, which will affect 405 streets of 17 districts of the southern, southeastern and central administrative districts of Moscow, including the largest ones as Basmanniki, Khamovniki, Tagansky, Danilovsky, Lefortovo. The probable cost of a parking space will be 40 rubles per hour.