Moscow will occupy more than 50% of the Moscow region

The decision of the authorities to expand the administrative borders of the capital today seems to most experts of the real estate market by the decision temporary and intermediate, since in the near future the boundaries of Moscow and the borders of Moscow will also be expanded to please the needs of the market and the population. So, according to analysts, in this case, the factor will be decisive in this case will be the vector taken by the authorities for the construction of low -rise suburban housing, which naturally requires much larger areas than traditional “skyscrapers”.

According to experts, the further expansion of the borders of the capital will most likely be carried out by joining the city of adjacent “circles”. So, the southern surroundings of Moscow can be considered the most promising in this regard, immediately behind which are “in line” the West and New Riga.

The advice of experts and the advice of experts who recommend that you think about the option of buying real estate in these, potentially Moscow territories look quite logical. So, buying a cottage on New Riga before its official connection to Moscow will be much cheaper than after expanding the borders of the city.

In general, the installation of authorities on the construction of predominantly low -rise housing, townhouses and cottages in the near future can lead to the fact that Moscow will turn into a giant megalopolis, a polycentric city whose area will take more than half of the territories of today’s Moscow region.

Recall that the already approved plans of the authorities include joining about 150 thousand hectares of land to the capital, on which it is planned to build more than 100 million square meters of real estate.