New beach season

Summer rest of citizens will cost 8 million rubles. But not the Ulyanovsk themselves, but the city budget, which should slightly “lose weight” in anticipation of the coming summer. Already on the first of June, on World Children’s Day, it will be possible to go to city beaches and open a new beach season.

You can go to the beach not only for the sake of bathing in still cold water. As officials promise, official city beaches this year will be put in order. A whole list of fairly large -scale works is scheduled, the result of which should be landscaped, aesthetically pleasant, and most importantly, safe beaches, and in the amount of five pieces. If earlier only the central beach was called safe and generally suitable for bathing, the year will please residents of all areas of the city. In Leninsky, Zavolzhsky and Railway areas, those beaches that were previously popular, but were abandoned, will be restored. Such recreation areas include the beach in the territory of the Koastzhny park in the new city, as well as a foundation pit near the village of Wrestling. These territories went into private possessions, but will still remain open to citizens. In the process of such a transition, the territories became unsuitable for public recreation. The beach of the coastal fleet is overgrown with shrubs and reeds, a huge amount of wood and garbage accumulated in the water and on the sand. The beach zone of the foundation pit in the Zheleznodorozhny district was in this state for many years.

New and restored beaches will have to look as follows. First, they will be cleaned of garbage. According to preliminary estimates, almost 23 cubic meters have accumulated in five recreation areas, and the garbage of unprofitable origin occupies a considerable share. At the same time, those thickets that appeared on the beaches over the years of the ownerless existence will be cut down at the same time. Secondly, so that the situation with pollution does not happen again, garbage tanks, containers and urns will be installed in sufficient quantities. The absence of these simplest objects has traditionally caused the discontent of conscientious visitors to city beaches. Thirdly, tons of pure sand will be delivered to the purified territory. The central beach will receive a little less than two and a half thousand tons of golden sand, and district – 4 hundred tons each. Fourthly, shops will be put on completely new and clean sand, changing cabins. Those booths and benches that are in good condition will be painted. Where it will be possible, convenient and safe handrails will be installed. Officials did not forget about the pool that attracts many visitors to the Central City Beach. According to the new plan, the pool should be cleaned, and in the new beach season the water will change in it once a week.

To evaluate the scale of changes, the implementation of the promised, some city media are planning today. Urban rulers recall residents that all these plans relate only to official beaches, which are selected according to the principles of security for vacationers.