New bill on drunkenness on the roads

From a proposal to create a special body engaged in the study of cases of traffic accidents, the participants of which were drunken drivers in uniform, representatives of the Russian motorists federation turned to the State Duma. More and more often on the roads of Russia, cases of accidents due to the fault of sylical drivers who are in a state of intoxication. The Federation of motorists made a proposal to tighten the punishment for such drivers, up to doubling a prison term. This statement was commented on by the Izvestia newspaper, the head of the federation Sergey Kanaev: “Almost every day in the news in our country, cases of licentiousness of people in the uniforms of the roads are flashed. Only isolated cases reach court. Quite often, the guilt is shifted to the victims, the evidence is falsified. “.It is worth adding that the bill tightening the measures of responsibility for drunk in the wheel will be received for consideration to the State Duma next week. Before the end of the next week of conclusion, the United Russia faction should be entered, and after the bill will be submitted for consideration to the State Duma. The Presidium of the United Russia faction on Monday made decisions on the complete ban on the maintenance of even a small amount of alcohol in the blood of drivers. This provision will be spelled out in the bill, which will be sent to the Supreme Court and the Government in the next two days. Now even a small amount of alcohol in the blood of the driver will be regarded as alcohol intoxication, but you do not need to drive a car if you want yourself a wardrobe from a sunny boat, delivery for free and directly to your room with installation.