Novak Djokovic talks about worse night in his life

Novak Dzhokokovic, participating in the open tennis tournament of the United States (US Open), confidently rises up the standings. On the eve of the tournament, he published his book “Serving to Win”. The name of the book plays the ambiguity of the word “Serve”, which denotes both the presentation in tennis and the table setting.  Most of the book is devoted to how to best maintain its physical and psychological form at the highest level. Novak dwells in detail on the principles of a gluten -free diet, which has adhered to since 2010. He believes that proper nutrition is one of the reasons for his excellent game form.

In the book, Novak also talks about his youth in Belgrade, when he and his family had to escape from bombing organized by the troops of NATO forces. One night the family left their apartment during the bombing to find shelter. Djokovic stumbled and fell, and his family members ran forward without him.

“And then it happened,” he writes in his book. “A sound was heard from behind, as if someone had cleared the snow from the clouds with a huge shovel. Still lying on the ground, I turned around and looked at our house. Above the roof of the house I saw a gray triangle of the F-117 bomber. In horror, I watched the hatch opened right above my head, and 2 missiles with a laser sight flew out of it, aiming at my family, my friends, my district – everything that made up my life … I could not resist nervous tremors until the morning “.

The Jokokovic family survived that terrible night that in some incomprehensible way helped Novak to hone his tennis skill. Trying to see the positive side in everything, he recalls that he used every free day when he could not go to school to practice in the game of tennis.

Having survived a bombing at the age of 12, Novak became a new tennis talent. He managed to leave the former Yugoslavia and succeed in his favorite business. In Serbia, Novak is considered a hero. And the fact that he experienced in childhood makes his success even more amazing.