Ode capture in the regions

Ode – regional. administration.

Probably, many witnessed the loss of Yanukovych of the authorities in the regions. And while Western Ukraine rose, occupying the buildings of the Oda, a typical obscurantist began in the east and southern Ukraine.

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The legions are already close!

As it became known, the police and other security forces were wound up by the boss. They were told that the legion of the Bandera killers, who would burn everyone “Molotov”, was going to the east and no one would survive. What started here? Full ode of garbage, titles, some traces of the regions that were torn from the house. It is said that even the fish inspector and other super -circular security officials were involved in this process.

Naturally, if people occupied the Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya ode, then Yanukovych would have come..C. For this is a knife to the heart of the southeast. But the local opposition perfectly leaked the demonstrators who then beat the whores and pressed garbage. Therefore, people without a plan and special equipment could not resist the armed cop machine. It was originally clear. And whoever believed in bare hands against light-shum grenades and gas remained out of work.

But obscurantism itself continues. The security forces are pulled to the ode. And from January 26, some kind of auto-bus trains with West militants are waiting. The governors were already so gone so much that they began to grab everyone who was involved in the local Euromaidans without trial and put in the cells of the police department. Titles ran around the yards for several days and extinguished people. True, judging by the information, some titles were also left without teeth and genitals. It happens 🙂

Whether obscurantism ended? Of course not! Local officials and security officials are still waiting for the ode attacks. Everything is at the level of hysteria, who are daring in the blood of bosses. Naturally, this pine is transmitted and subordinate. After all, they are all afraid to go to jail for their affairs. But Yanek will shake – local kings will be thrown out. This is just a matter of time.