Officials warned insurance companies about cleaning

Today, the media have made publication of the warning of the head of the Ministry of Economic Development about the upcoming serious selection of insurance companies. Representatives of the state who will protect the interests of ordinary Russian citizens will act as an arbitrator.

The Minister believes that the recovery of the situation in the finance market, in particular streamlining the activities of non -governmental pension funds and banks in the Russian Federation, is being improving the insurance sphere. To date, insurance companies are operating in Russia, whose activities slip away from the gaze of representatives of the state. In the future, after a thorough study of the Suvenue, all market participants will be left only by those players who can trust the money of Russians.

Currently, the activities of insurance companies are regulated by the Central Bank. Last year, the head of the Central Bank of Russia said with all responsibility that in 2014 only those companies whose activities are directly related to insurance, which are not participants in the schemes that allow money flows of dubious origin, will be able to function in 2014. Unceptual companies will lose licenses, and the slightest suspicion that the company does not carry out profile activities can stop its existence in the insurance market.

After a preliminary study of the activities of large Russian insurance companies, the regulator has published a list of twenty, which are on the verge of bankruptcy and, in the absence of a carefully worked out anti -crisis program, can leave the distance this year.